AG Information Technology School

Amader Gram Communications initiated innovation in technical education in rural Bangladesh. One of it's primary setup begin operation from December 1, 2015. The school is first of its kind in Bangladesh, managing by a local management committee targeting rural youths. The school is fully equipped with high speed internet (both LAN & WiFi) as well as with hardware setup. The classrooms are nicely decorated under rural environment focusing open space technology learning facility. Mission: To prepare Rampal (Bagerhat) and southern Khulna division regional residents for better jobs and to foster increased skills by providing rigorous computer skills training from word keyboard processing and basic computer literacy, though advanced computer skills in operating systems, software, hardware, social networking and languages. Objectives:- To offer rigorous comprehensive, affordable, schedule-convenient, and employment-relevant computer literacy skills training courses and workshops for adults and children, with specific certification of training on course completion. - To provide examinations in computer literacy of various levels to allow certification of proficiency to examinees. - To provide relevant and specific computer skills training opportunities for their staffs to regional employers. - To provide language courses for workers seeking foreign (and domestic) jobs for which other-than-Bangla language proficiency would be a major asset.

Dipak Banerjee
Amader Gram IT School
Sreefoltola, Rampal
Bagerhat, Bangladesh
Phone: +88 09602666514